Scrapbooking and Photo Editing

The Scrapbooking phenomenon hit the world with a resounding bang, and has taken hold of our imaginations, leaving us forever changed. And where, till a few years ago, we had to work with negatives and spend heaps of money getting photos developed, and then having to throw half the photos away due to red eyes, shadows and other ‘oopses’, we can now thankfully turn to the digital age. Not only can we choose and discard photos at the press of a button (and at no cost I might add), but also fixing and editing those little irritating problems are as easy as loading a photo on the home pc. 

And as any scrapbooker knows, a perfect picture says a thousand words.

There are a host of photo editing software on the market, that can (in various degrees of success), fix anything from red eyes to bad lighting and poor focus. Yet the question remains: which ones are the best?

My personal favourite happens to be Adobe Photoshop Elements. Adobe manages to amaze me more and more every day with the photo editing capabilities that I discover. Everything from simple red-eye reduction to more complicated projects, such as changing backgrounds on a photo and even adding your cute little girl in her favourite pink fairy dress to a magical fairy scene. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Although in all honesty I must admit that this is not a user-friendly program. But on the upside, there are excellent tutorial programs available for this program, and with a little bit of effort, you will have amazing results.

But if you are looking for a program that is a little easier to handle, then I would suggest Corel Paintshop Pro Photo x2. This program combines ease of use with professional power to allow you to take on any project. It also has an integrated learning center and a selection of one-click photo fixing tools to make it quick and easy to fix most flaws on your photos.