Printing Your Personal Photos

Printing Photographs

You have taken some outstanding pictures whilst on holiday. Now you would like to print them so you can show them to your friends. For the best printouts you should prepare yourself with the very best supplies for your printer. A good quality Glossy Paper with a weight around 180g is a good starting place. Now what size would you like to print? A5 which is half of an A4 sheet is a good size. A popular similar size is 4″ x 6″ or 100mm x 150mm. For photographs I recommend using genuine inkjet cartridges for their colour quality, they also tend to hold their colours longer. It is generally a fact that most inkjet printed photos are exposed to the air which speeds up the fading process so to preserve your prints either place them under glass or in an album where the plastic covers are made to cover the photos thus excluding their exposure to the air. Laminating is another choice which will extend the life of the original colours in your prints. Sunlight also tends to help the fading process so try to keep them away from direct sunlight.

There are some excellent photo editing programs around top of the range is probably Photoshop. For the average person Photoshop is a bit of an overkill. Paintshop Pro is an excellent choice and much cheaper than Photoshop. These programs help you to lighten / darken photos, eliminate red-eye, crop by taking away the parts of the photo which are not needed and just printing the main subject in the photo and finally placing several photos on a single A4 sheet (this helps to minimise printing costs.).

With a little care you will have prints of the photos taken earlier on the same day that will keep their good looks for many years.

For regular everyday printing I do recommend a reliable brand of compatible cartridges as the quality is still quite good but it will save you lots of dollars. But if quality and longevity are important then stick with the genuine ones.