Free Photo Editing and Organizing Software

With the rapid growth of digital photography we now often have hundreds if not thousands if digital images stored on our computers. This has created a need for quality free photo software to help with both image editing and organizing our growing collections.

The ‘gold standard’ photo editor is Adobe Photoshop CS2. While Photoshop is an amazing product it is also quite expensive and some of the advanced features can be somewhat difficult to master. Another popular commercial product used to edit photo images is Paintshop Pro, which is less expensive and much easier to master than Photoshop, but is still around $100 US. Photoshop Elements is another commercial product that many find meets their basic photo editing needs and it sells for around $90 US. Fortunately there are many free photo editing software product alternatives that can meet the needs for all but true photo editing professionals (in which case Photoshop has high end features that certainly will be required).

The two most popular photo organizer software products are actually already free. Picasa from Google and Preclick Gold should be able to meet all of your digital photo organizing needs. There are a number of other free image organizers that also perform quite well.

The following are some of the most popular free photo software products available today. We will be adding many more exciting and useful free digital image editing and organizing products to in the coming weeks.

Picasa (Google) This photo software is available alone or as part of the amazing free Google Pack and is the only product that we use to organize and share our digital pictures!

Sqirlz Morph Easy to use free photo morphing software! Morph two or more images together, or warp images individually. Images can be morphed together in several different ways. Try multi-morphing all the family’s faces into one unique movie or picture! Save your animation as a Flash movie, AVI video clip, animated GIF file, or bitmap/jpeg files. Version 1.4 is compatible with Windows Vista.

2 Pic Easy to use basic photo and image editor. 2 Pic is designed for ease of use and it has a unique design with the functions clearly arranged on tabs. That’s the big advantage of 2 Pic: with less time and less experience, you can do very creative things.

Snipshot This website provides online photo editing by allowing you to upload images from your computer. You also can enter the Web address of any photo stored online and get a copy with which to work. Snipshot uses nondestructive editing – the original image that is taken from your computer or the Web remains untouched.

cPicture Image presentation application for digital camera pictures in JPEG format.

Preclick Gold Features a very effective red-eye tool, has the ability to add metadata to photos including caption, event and place, ad-hoc album creation and organization, filmstrip display, camera acquisition, batch stamping, CD burning and much more. Photo manipulation software that supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools. Like Photoshop this photo editing software has many features not found on other free photo editors.

Gimp for Windows A popular open-source photo and image editor.

Serif PhotoPlus 6 Serif PhotoPlus 6 is probably the best free image editor available. Many will find that it works as well as Photoshop for basic photo editing. Serif offers older versions (like this version 6) for free to attract new customers to the newer products. Give it a try!